International Day of Waxing

Understanding hard wax

Hard wax is amongst the best wax for hair removal at home as you are strip-free. This means you don’t have to cover the waxed area with a cloth strip. The hardened wax acts like a strip itself. Most people prefer using this type for Brazilian wax as hard wax helps remove coarse pubic hair efficiently. Hard wax is great for more sensitive areas of the skin like the upper lip, eyebrows, nose, bikini area, etc. The hard wax coats only the hair and not the skin so pain and discomfort is greatly reduced. 

Wax beads or pods are exactly what they sound like: little beads of hard wax that, when heated, are used to remove unwanted hairs. Unlike soft wax, which requires using a cloth or muslin strip to remove the hair, wax beads harden on the skin as they dry, eliminating the need for strips. Wax beads and pods provide convenience of use, you might heat and use only the quantity that is needed for waxing small parts.

Hard Wax in a Pan

Hard wax is filled in a steel pan that you can heat on your induction stove or on a wax warmer.

Hard Wax in a Container

Hard wax is filled in a container that is conveniently microwaveable.

Hard Wax Beads

These are the little pellets or beads that come in all different colors and scents. These are great as you melt as much as you need.

Hard Wax Pods

Similar to wax beads, you only melt as much wax as you need.

How to Use Hard Wax

Heat the wax​

1. Heat the hard wax on a stove or in a wax warmer or microwave (if the wax is microwavable) to achieve a honey like thick consistency.

2. Test the wax temperatures by applying a small patch to your outer wrist and gauge if the heated wax is too hot to proceed. It should be hot, but tolerable. For safety purposes, you can use wax warmers with temperature control features.

Apply the wax​

3. Check the direction of hair growth and work in small sections.

4. With the help of a spatula, apply the wax on the body part and spread in a thick layer.

Peel Off​

5. Even out the wax with your fingers when it is pliable.

6. Keeping the skin taut, quickly peel off the outer end of the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.