International Day of Waxing


Waxing is so far the best bet for hair removal as it delivers smooth results that last for up to 4 weeks. However, all waxing endeavors require safety precautions and the right techniques to avoid injuries or infections. Waxing uproots hair from its follicles and in some cases, it also lifts the dry dead skin hence giving an open invitation for germs to enter the skin pores. Simply put, infections, injuries, burns and abrasion are possible waxing mishaps.

To avoid mishaps, proper skin prep, hair prep and good waxing practices play an important role in a safe and smooth waxing regime.

To wash or not to wash

When using Sugar Wax, we recommend that you wash your skin in the area you are about to wax before hair removal. Natural oils on your skin will interfere with this wax’s gentle formula and keep the sugar from adhering to your hair properly!

On the flip side, while using Hard Wax, Warm Wax, or Wax strips we recommend you DO NOT wash your skin! These specific waxes are made with sticky all-natural ingredients, such as beeswax and pine resin, which can adhere to and tug at your skin. If you wash before using these products, you could be subjected to some painful and unnecessary skin tugging! You will benefit from the natural oils on your skin, as they will create a barrier that helps to protect you from unnecessary irritation!

Cut/trim hair if necessary​

The hair needs to be ¼ inch or 1 cm in length before waxing. The hair that is too long would make waxing more complicated and painful. Cut or trim your hair with a personal grooming tool like scissors or a trimmer to get the appropriate length. If the hair is shorter, wait for it to grow to ¼ inch length for effective smooth results.

Picking the right wax​

There are so many different waxes that it can sometimes be confusing even knowing which product to choose. While all waxes will work for any area, some waxes are better suited for some areas than others and some waxes are more effective on some hair types than others.

Pre-lined Wax Strips: If you’re new to waxing or intimidated by the process, use wax strips. They are quick and easy to use, mess-free and don’t require heating. The good news is that most wax strips come in a variety of sizes so you can use them for almost any part of the face or body.

Hard Waxes: Hot Wax is the product most used in salons for waxing sensitive areas. This wax is used without strips and is solid like candle wax. You’ll need to melt this wax using a wax warmer or your electric stove. As the wax melts, it’s applied in a thick layer, and then removed as it hardens. For very short or coarse hairs or for smaller areas, this is the right wax for you.

Soft Waxes: Similar to the hard wax, soft Wax is also a salon-style product that needs heating. Unlike the hard wax, soft waxes is applied in a very thin layer and removed with epilation strips. Soft waxes also work well for short and coarse hair but are a lot quicker and easier to use for large areas like the legs, back or body.

Sugar Waxes: Sugar waxes are a type of soft wax that offer the most natural and gentle waxing option. Unlike the Hot and Warm Waxes that need to be cleaned with oil, Sugar Waxes wash off easily with water. Although Sugar Waxes can be used on any part of the face or body, they are most effective for fine or medium hair types.​

Be ready with the right mindset​

Waxing in the proper and precise technique takes practice. Be as comfortable and relaxed as you can. If it is your first time, take some deep breaths before you start with the process. Get in a comfortable position, relax your body and calm your mind.​

Set the mood​

Waxing can be an enjoyable self-care routine. Make sure you are creating the appropriate environment to enjoy the process. Set the place with all necessary equipment in your bedroom or the bathroom. Play relaxing spa music or your favorite playlist or series on Netflix to chill and set the right mood.​

Get support from a partner​

Waxing with a partner can be a more enjoyable, fun and bonding experience. Especially, if this is your first time, having your best friend, mother, sister etc would be a great help to guide you and boost your confidence. You may even throw a wax pamper party with your girl friends.

Read instructions beforehand

Make sure to read and follow all the instructions before waxing. Also gather and prepare necessary tools and accessories required for waxing.

Prepare your skin

Do not wash you skin or bathe right before waxing as wax does not adhere to wet skin. You may choose to gently exfoliate a day or two before you wax with a mild scrub or brush. Do not apply moisturizers or oil and remove any make up before starting to wax.