International Day of Waxing

Waxing Aftercare

It is important to keep the skin clean of sweat and heavy cosmetics for the best waxing results.

Apply aftercare soothing oil/lotion

Using a soothing oil or a lotion will help in reducing the inflammation and redness on the waxed skin. Waxing uproots the hair from it follicles so slight soreness, small bumps and skin redness is common and perfectly normal. The oil or lotion will also help to keep the skin clean and clear of bacteria. 

Do not touch freshly waxed skin

Waxing opens the pores of the skin and there are high chances of bacterial infection if the waxed area encounters unclean hands.

Avoid the gym and heavy exercises

After waxing, you would want to avoid working out in the gym or swimming for atleast 24 hours as friction from workouts, sweat and chlorinated water can irritate the skin or mess with the PH balance.

Stay out of the sun

Freshly waxed skin is very sensitive to the U.V rays so stay out of the skin for at least 24 hours post-waxing. Exposing skin to the sun can cause skin burns and hyper pigmentation. 

Opt for loose clothing

Wearing loose clothing can ensure there is no rubbing, friction or irritation on the newly waxed areas.