International Day of Waxing

The Secret Truth of Aftercare Oil: Beautiful Skin

Have you tried a waxing aftercare oil yet? A good post-waxing treatment is a must for your hair removal routine. On International Day of Waxing, we want to celebrate all the skin-friendly benefits that come with the process.

By incorporating an aftercare oil treatment into your waxing routine, you’ll target any potential ingrown hair and keep skin blemish-free for weeks. You’ll start to notice a difference in the clarity and texture of your skin. And once you realize how great and hair-free your skin looks with consistent waxing, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try it!

What is a waxing aftercare oil?

A waxing aftercare oil is designed to be used after hair removal. It can be used after epilation, shaving, threading, and waxing. The ingredients in a good aftercare oil are designed to soothe and treat skin that may be a little sensitive due to the hair removal process. Like any other treatment, you want to calm your skin after you remove hair and keep it happy with some extra love and care.

A waxing aftercare oil offers soothing moisture and provides a protective barrier against bacteria. Specifically for your freshly waxed skin. Apply a thin layer after your hair removal treatment and re-apply as needed.

What to look for in your product?

A multi-tasking oil is a must for your purse or personal care kit! A good aftercare oil will be gentle use to use as an everyday body oil for all of your moisturizing needs. Look for one with all-natural ingredients that will treat ingrown hair and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

An aftercare oil made with quality ingredients will hydrate your skin deeply while cleansing pores of debris and bacteria. Whether you need a boost of moisture, you’ve just stepped out of the bath, or removed excess wax directly after hair removal, aftercare oil is a wonderful product to add to your kit.

How can essential oils soothe your skin?

Chamomile: helps reduce redness and irritation, penetrating deep under the skin’s surface.

Peppermint: relieves swelling and redness quickly with its cooling, natural antihistamine properties.

Seaberry: treats and prevents scarring, redness, dryness, and signs of aging in your skin.

Eucalyptus: boosts blood circulation while decreasing pigmentation and dullness for naturally glowing skin while simultaneously improving the appearance of your skin by clearing your pores of impurities and preventing acne breakouts.

Look for ingredients that are all-natural and ethically sourced from leading suppliers across North America and Europe, ensuring that you are getting the best possible product.


A proper aftercare oil is capable of so much more than just relaxing irritated skin and reducing ingrown hairs.

If you incorporate natural botanicals and essential oils into your daily skin care routine, they will do miracles. As potent plant extracts function invisibly to help lessen hyperpigmentation, scars, wrinkles, and dryness, picture naturally hydrated and glowing skin! Whether you choose to use it after waxing, as an aftershave oil, or as an all-over moisturizing oil, your skin will be happy that you did!

Therefore, to feel great about what you’re putting on your skin, look for an aftercare oil that is sourced ethically. Cruelty-free aftercare products will be Leaping Bunny Certified. To ensure that your skin is properly moisturised, healthy, and smooth, keep a bottle of waxing aftercare oil on hand. Any form of moisturising cream is a fantastic addition to your carry-on daily luggage. Certainly, you would like to be in a smooth state at all times.

You never know when you’ll need a few refreshing drops of aftercare oil! For more tips & tricks, see all of our IDoWAX posts for smooth skin