International Day of Waxing

International Day of Waxing

We celebrate all things waxing
May 25, 2023
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Let's Wax Together​

Removing body hair is a choice and IDoWAX honours that! Parissa is powering IDoWax, a website that highlights the skin-friendly benefits of waxing, as well as techniques and tips. Participants may use the #IDoWax tag on social channels to showcase their love of waxing. The journey to finding what makes you feel best is a personal one. From Cleopatra to the first bikini wax, each era has had a smooth skin moment.

What is Waxing?

There are many benefits to waxing. Two main benefits include the immediate and consistently smooth skin that results in less regrowth over time. However, there are multiple other advantages that make waxing the preferred way to remove hair for many individuals.

History of Waxing

Waxing has a long and illustrious history. Waxing has evolved to become part of an empowering self-care routine. A demand for safe and gentle hair removal means that today’s best waxing products are non-toxic and natural.

How to Wax

Waxing is a very effective form of hair removal that provides long-lasting results. Since hair is removed directly from the root, consistently waxing results in finer hair each time it is done. In addition, waxing is naturally exfoliating, resulting in soft, smooth skin.

Understanding Your Wax

There are so many different waxes that it can sometimes be confusing even knowing which product to choose. While all waxes will work for any area, some waxes are better suited for some areas than others and some waxes are more effective on some hair types than others.  Choosing the right wax can also help reduce discomfort and generally result in a smoother experience.

Hard Wax

Hot Wax is heated, applied to area and removed without the need of epilation strips

Soft Wax

Sugar waxing, also known as sugaring is made up of sugar, lemon juice and water

Wax Strips

Prelined wax strips that can be heated in your hands, applied to area and removed

Learn How to Wax

Waxing from home can be a daunting task for newbies, and mistakes will be made. However the benefits are huge: Savings on salon bills, blissful convenience, and having smooth skin at your command within minutes. With just a little bit of practice and technique, you will be an at-home waxing expert in no time. 




About International Day of Waxing

This overview will take a closer look at how waxing has evolved into the wildly popular method of hair removal it is today. From sugar wax to strips, there is a wax for each hair type, including delicate areas such as bikini and face, or more resilient hair on back or legs. An effective waxing treatment has several confidence boosting benefits. Like any beauty routine, practice makes perfect.


We did our research so you don’t have to. Let us help you become an expert waxer.

Since waxing removes hair from the root, results last much longer than shaving and other methods. Generally speaking, waxing provides smoothness for about 4 weeks. But everyone’s different, so results can vary anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks, depending on your hair type. Longer results aren’t the only benefit: over time hair growth is reduced and becomes softer and sparser since regular waxing weakens the hair follicles.

It can be surprisingly easy to wax, but like all beauty regiments the more familiar you become with the technique the better your results. Try Wax Strips for a mess-free introduction to waxing. Although our professional waxes may take a little more practice, our step by step photo instructions make getting the perfect results easy.

Everyone’s seen a movie or videos about the perils of waxing – so is it really that bad? The truth is that whenever you remove hair from the root, you are likely to feel some discomfort. But this feels more like plucking your brows or pulling off a bandaid. The initial sensation only lasts for a second, but the results last for weeks.

The discomfort can also depend on your hair type or the body area. Waxing your arms or legs will feel different than more sensitive areas like the underarm or bikini. But like other beauty regiments, it gets easier and more comfortable over time as the hair becomes weaker and finer.

We certainly think so. Waxing gives you smooth skin that lasts for weeks longer than shaving. Shave today and you’ll have prickly stubbly skin within 24 hours, wax the same area and you’ll be salon smooth for weeks.

Waxing removes hair from deep within the follicle. Anytime hair is removed in this manner, as with tweezing, threading, epilators or waxing, some redness or bumps may appear. Generally, this sensitivity to the hair removal process will disappear within 20-30 minutes depending on your complexion and skin sensitivity. If you are a first-time waxer or have very fair skin, redness or bumps may last longer.

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